New online exhibitions


Following our mission of supporting young emerging artists, at Fireflies gallery we continue to collect new fireflies that, day by day, shine more and today fill our space with light. We are pleased to invite you to the opening of three new online art exhibitions: "Colonized" by Marta Fábregas, "Books" by Aurelio San Pedro and "Intros" by Carlos Herráiz. You can enjoy all three from January 20 to March 20. Take your time, savor them little by little. Worth.


We are an online art space managed by artists. Our mission at Fireflies gallery is to support young emerging artists from around the world and build community. We have no city, no street, no number. To find us, look for a very bright forest at night.

Aurelio San Pedro / BOOKS

Carlos Herraiz / INTROS

Marta Fàbregas / COLONIZED