Spring: new artists, more light


This spring, at Fireflies gallery, we are proud to present to you, three new online art exhibitions: Penelope Clot, with “1,290 meters” shows us the work done from those heights, surrounded by nature. Oscar Seco, with “#vamosamorirtodos”, exhibits his catastrophic paintings and drawings, loaded with ironic messages. And Jesús Tejero, with “Skins” exposes the fragments that he takes from his life and paints them in the form of narrative collages. We hope you enjoy them. And if you want to see old exhibitions, go please to “Past viewing rooms”.


Exhibitions open from March 22 to June 22.


We are an online art space managed by artists. Our mission at Fireflies gallery is to support young emerging artists from around the world, sell our works and build community. We have no city, no street, no number. To find us, look for a very bright forest at night.

Jesus Tejero / SKINS


Penelope Clot / 1.219METERS