Armour (dillo)


From October 15th to January 15th

These works made over the last year, comprise of some thoughts evolving around a decision to break from the focus on how people build habits as mannerisms to using these habits and arranged natural states to break out of them. I have been rearranging pattern, natural shapes, humans to animals and exploring where we install rules and where bodies transition to a certain rigidity.

There is a strong loss for the connection we have with the objects we make. When we lose our sight of our own dependence on materials ‘things’, we see our species as above everything in our world. I want to remember our animal instinct and remember the senses we connect to everything we touch and formulate to live.

Words becomes so much a part of how we shut down a persons expression and I play around with the origin or the similarity of other words and how this comments on them in a cycle of influence they themselves hold. Armadillo is an animal that started to morph from the humans in my work, growing claw hands and movable flexible scaled bodies. My interests flowed from the armour we build as humans to the playground we can regain. In South America, Armadillo originated as ‘little armoured one.’ In French a very similar word, ‘amour’ means love. The connection feels simple to me, that one of our strongest instincts we ‘armour’ ourselves from, is love, being the most vulnerable.

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"In the palm" (painting in the right) INQUIRE

Monoprinting serie: "Waving floating by" (left),  "You forget that Soil can be Ploughed" (center), "Sometimes" (Right). INQUIRE

The paper I have used is from an old stamp collecting album, and I want to mimic the patriotic people, who were exposed to the temptation of a little societal pride. By collecting stamps, they could own their own piece of the monarchy, patriarchy and ‘worldly knowledge’ of countries beyond their reach. I use this paper to stamp my own view of nature, bringing it out of a colonial styled arranged system of exploitation that only drew innocent people into a sheep pen. I basically want to take down the fences and dance around the fields.

"Touch or stamping" Oil monoprint on found paper. INQUIRE

My process feels something like walking or breathing, kind of like a map. I pick up shapes and visuals as I experience life. I lean into pictures, with materials or with my environment; reaching, pushing and pressing on subjects and surfaces.

Painting with mono printing feels like a direct form of leaning. I can touch the plate, I can scrub it, dance around on the steel, before it is captured like a photograph and absorbed into the paper. It enables me to throw in layers and make a piece quickly, alongside breath, in and out onto the surface.

Monoprinting is different from other printing like etching, because it allows freedom of movement within the paint, there is no line engraved. It feels extremely interactive as the paint then jumps from that surface to another when the print is rolled.

The process in printing of wet to dry, grounds me in this terrain of soil, soaking up the rain and drying out again when all the life has drunk from it. Except, although the layer of paint seems sincere in my prints, I love the idea that it is very thin, and is almost an act in itself. This really plays into my interest in social acts and what is and is not grounded in our society.

With painting on canvas, in my mind I feel it is somewhat always moveable. Whereas, there is this play in print where it once was full of movement and fluidity before stamped like a footprint that truly sits parallel to the way I view the process of false human maturity.

I enjoy the flatness this process results in, as I feel it relates to old style maps, where big bumpy land is squashed down. I feel often like I am squashing down subjects that are jumping out at me in life. I like to mark them down like a diary of steps I have taken. A print, a stamp, a footprint, all traces come to mind.

Drawing series: "Standing strong" (left),  "Tree arms" (center),  "Stuck in the ground"(right). INQUIRE